Sunday, June 14, 2009

Houston's very own Swap N' Bop presented by the Continental Club

For those of you familiar with Austin or Houston, you should know a little about the Continental Club. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Continental Club, it's a music venue that offers a wide variety of music ranging from blues to rock to rockabilly to whatever. They even have tango on Monday nights.
I typically only sell my wares online via my store however, my friend Michael asked me if I wanted to sell some things at the Swap n' Bop presented by the Continental Club. When Michael asked me if I wanted to set up, I was all for it. Sure, make a little extra money and pay no eBay fees-I'm all for that!

I woke up early this morning, cleaned the house really fast and got ready for church. I was finished with church by 10am and drove home and packed my car. I arrived at the Continental Club by 10.30 and finished setting up by 11am (I didn't bring that much stuff). Well, it ended up being so HOT here in Houston today. It was about 100 degrees and we were even under small tents. I stayed until about 3pm and decided the entire thing was a bust (at least for me). I didn't sell one item. Ugh! At least I didn't take much with me like a lot of the other vendors.

The Continental Club is a cool place to see live music, but it's not a great place to set up (as a vendor) and sell your things-especially not in 100 degree Houston heat!