Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog feature: Sweet Delight

Today's featured post is about Sweet Delight. Robin and Penny of Delightful Divas in Business are the masterminds behind Sweet Delight. They specialize in sampler boxes full of handmade goodies. I hope you enjoy reading about them!

Q. Tell me a little about yourself:

We are two sisters (and best friends) who love meeting new people, having fun, trying new things, gabbing, and shopping til we drop. We can always
be found browsing through swanky boutiques, gushing over the handmade
treasures that we discover along the way. If it looks good, smells good,
or feels can bet that we'll buy it.
As the editors of Delightful Divas in Business, we have always loved to
promote, connect, and inspire independent business owners. We are
passionate about "all things handmade" and that is why we are so excited
about the launch of our new sister-site, Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes.

Q. Please describe your business in detail.

At Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes, we provide a unique avenue of advertising for independent business owners. We promote their products and help them to reach out to hundreds of consumers. This is one of the most fun and effective ways to gain exposure and recognition on the web today!
Our sample boxes contain approx. 10-15 samples (sometimes more), from a variety of online businesses, and will be mailed directly to the consumer for only $25 (shipping included). We cater to Divas who like to discover fabulous boutiques and prefer to "try before they buy". Inside our boxes, you will find glam bath and body products, candles, jewelry, and fashion accessories! Mmm.....very Divalicious!

We have many fabulous companies participating in our first-ever "Divalicious" promotional campaign. It is going to be an exciting event and will take place in March '09. The specific date will be announced on our website very soon at
Sweet Delight.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

We are inspired by the many "Divas In Business" that we meet, interview, feature, and promote each and every week. We are inspired by their creativity, their success, their perseverence, their devotion, their hard work, and their strength.

Q. Where are your sample boxes sold?

Our "Divalicious" sample boxes are sold online.

Q. What advice can you give other independent business owners when selling their items?

Promote, promote, promote. We can't stress this enough. Good promotion and advertising is the "key" to getting your items noticed. takes a mixture of love, hard work, effort, long hours, and devotion to build a reputable and successful business. If you love what you do and you care about your customers......everything else will follow.

Q. Describe yourself in three words:

Well, here goes. Three words that describe us...



"Divas" (oops, that's four words.*lol*)

I want to personally thank Robin and Penny for sharing their info. Now hop on over to Sweet Delight and buy a sampler box. You won't be disappointed!!!

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