Friday, March 13, 2009

Mid Century Modern Series: Mid Century Homes in Houston, Texas

To those of you who are loyal and visit my blog frequently enough, you know I have a vintage pattern series. Many of you also know that I love anything mid century modern. Why do I love things from mid century? There are many reasons. The following homes will describe in great detail why I love mid century modern designed homes:

This first home is my home. It's a rental, but we love it just the same. I hope to eventually purchase a much better mid century modern home in this area within the next year:

This house is my neighbor's house across the street:

The remaining few homes are random homes in my direct neigborhood as well as a few neighborhoods over. I'm so in love with mid century modern homes. I really am. I know there's a perfect one out there for me. I just haven't found it yet!!
This concludes my mid century modern home series for today. I'll try to post new mid century homes in the Houston area at least once a week. Aren't they amazing? Why can't we just go back in time when design was amazing and not so cookie cutter?


Jessica Define said...

Hi, Heather.. I just found your blog by searching "Houston mid-century" on google and this is a great post--I completely agree with you, I have a great appreciation for mid-century homes. My boyfriend and I are looking to buy one, hopefully very soon! -Jessica

Anonymous said...

I am trying to save one right now at 3611 Tartan in Braes Heights that a builder owns. If a mod buyer doesn't step up soon to save it, down it will go for a new construction. It is the over the top type of mod too. There is a list of ones for sale in the real estate section of You can also find great mod houses in Houston at