Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thoughts...Things I believe

These are some thoughts that I wrote down this evening. I hope you enjoy them!

·I believe we are all here for a reason.
·I believe time is a gift from God. We all need to make every moment count because you never know when your time will be up.
·I believe children are a gift and given to us only for a short while. They grow so quickly and learn new things every day.
·I believe the more time you spend with your children they will truly understand the meaning of love.
·Tell your children you love them everyday, as many times as you feel like you want to.
·I believe that if you listen to other people’s problems, it helps you to understand yourself better.
·I believe your life may not be as bad as the next person’s.
·I believe that we are often faced with problems in our lives to teach us lessons. If we can’t work our way through that problem, how can we possibly move on to the next issue?
·I believe we have to learn from our mistakes. None of us are perfect, even though some of us think we are.
·I believe (know) God speaks to us, if we take time to stop and listen.
·I believe that we don’t (often) sit and listen to the things around us. I actually sat in my backyard yesterday and listened to the birds singing. It was really pleasant.
·I believe many of us often get consumed with our daily lives and forget to stop and take a breath.
·I believe that giving is better than receiving (although I like to receive things). Giving makes other people happy and that in turn can make you happy.
·I believe that I love my son’s smile. He has a whole mouthful of teeth and the cutest little face.
·I believe that I will make someone smile once they’ve read all of these things.


Lali said...

Hey Heather - Love your thoughts here. Great words to live by. Would love to see you again. Lali

Stephanie Blue said...

thanks. i needed this.