Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vintage 40's & 50's dresses and suits

I have always had a love for vintage clothing, ever since I can remember. They surely don't make garments the way they used to. If you look into a vintage garment, most of the seams will be pinked and there will almost always be hem tape used as this is how a garment should be made.

The garments of way back when actually had design to them. They were designed and constructed with some thought put into them. Everything in stores today is so mass produced it almost makes me sick. Why would you want to look exactly like another person? It does not make any sense to me. Sure, you can wear that piece differently that the next person, but what's the point. Most of the garments today are way over priced anyhow. You are paying for advertising, and the cost of goods, but mostly for advertising-I'm sure of it.

I like vintage 40's & 50's dresses and suits. I like the more fitted garments, but I do like to look at the big circle skirt dresses as well. I know back in the 40's there were so many restrictions on garments in terms of how much fabric could be used and even what types of fabrics garments could be made of. I know that garments weren't allowed to have seams in certain areas because it was a waste of fabric. What a fit nightmare for the designers. I went to school for fashion design and remember putting darts in certain places when I could not get my pattern to cooperate. If those designers weren't allowed to put extra darts in fabric, that would have been an extremely difficult task, at least in my opionion.

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