Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Vintage clothing addiction in Houston, Texas

So I've come to the conclusion that I am no different than a drug addict. I guess if you have an addictive personality like I do, you will and can become addicted to just about anything. Although my addiction does not cause physical harm to my body, it makes me completely crazy that I always go to sales and if there are vintage clothes, I usually end up buying something that I did not really need in the first place.

All of the vintage clothing that I sell hangs in the closet that I share with my son and his father. Today, the bar that our clothing hangs on literally came off of the wall and all of the clothing is now sitting in piles on my floor. Justin is at Home Depot right now trying to figure out what we can do to fix this mess. I've also gone through my things now since they are not in the closet and I am going to "lot" all of the things that I think will be easy to sell and donate the other stuff.

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