Thursday, January 29, 2009

Easy dinner: Kung Pao Chicken

Last night, I cooked Kung Pao Chicken for dinner. This delicious dish was finished and ready to eat in less than thirty minutes.


Two chicken breasts (if you don't like chicken, you can use tofu, shrimp-basically anything you like)-cut your chicken into cubes
Half of a yellow onion or scallions if you prefer
One red pepper
One jalepeno
Two cloves of garlic
Dry peanuts (I purchased mine in the bulk section at Whole Foods)
Tsp. of honey
Kung Pao seasoning
Soy sauce
Jasmine Rice

Take a fairly large wok type skillet and heat some olive oil in the pan. You'll also need to start another pan for your Jasmine rice. You can prepare your veggies while your oil is heating. Once the oil is hot, you will take you onions and red pepper and sautee those in your oil. Next, add your jalepeno's and garlic. Next, add your honey, Kung Pao seasoning and peanuts. Let all those items cook together for a few minutes. Add your chicken to the mix and cook with all of the other items. Once the chicken is cooked, you are ready to add to your jasmine rice. Enjoy!

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