Friday, February 27, 2009

Vintage pattern series: Great late 30s vintage Superior Pattern #9743

The pattern I've chosen to post today for my pattern series is one from the late 1930's by Superior Pattern. Pattern number is 9743. This particular pattern is not dated, but you can tell by the detailing on the dress that this is late 30's. Pattern states that the style is approved by Cynthia Powell. I'm not quite sure who Cynthia Powell is, but I'm sure she was a great designer. If anyone knows who she is, would you mind sharing? I've Googled her, but came up empty handed.

This particular pattern is also a larger sized pattern for the 30's. The bust size is a 44". That's pretty large for vintage patterns. I love all the gathering at the bust area. This is a great dress! As always, my patterns are for sale if the price is right!

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Mel said...

I always love a good pattern...