Saturday, March 21, 2009

Estate sales: As well as a recap of my life...

Okay, so I haven't written in quite awhile. I've been having medical testing to try and figure out what's wrong with me. At first, I thought it was silent reflux, but I had an upper endoscopy a few weeks ago and the results came back fine. I do have a slight bit of reflux, but nothing major. That doctor referred me to a Pulmonologist. I visited that guy last Monday. He stuck some sort of scope up my nose and said the cartilage in my left nostril was inflamed. He wants me to go for bloodwork, an airway test and a chest ct scan. In addition to those three tests, he wants me to do a sleep study because I told him I was diagnosed with sleep apnea during college when I had sinus surgery. He basically thinks that all of my problems are allergy related, which makes me feel a little better knowing that nothing's wrong with my digestion. Whew! He wrote me out five scripts last week. I was only able to get two filled because I have self employed insurance and my co-pays are insane. I was also able to find a free coupon for another script he wrote for me and I got that one for free. The other two are just going to have to wait. So, I'm taking a steroid, antibiotic and Veramyst, in addition to all of my other supplements/vitamins, etc. Ugh! I just want to be better. I guess I'll hopefully find out soon. He said he has a good idea what's wrong with me and all of these medications should fix me right up. I'll believe it when I see it. I hate taking meds. I have also been juice fasting. Today's my sixth day. I juice my nutrients morning, noon and night. I've lost 7 pounds in six days as well. I'm going to try to stay on the fast for a minimum of twenty days, possibly thirty. I've read that if you have major ailments going on inside your body, you should fast for a minimum of twenty days. I guess I'll see about that too!

Enough about that... I'm really into estate sales again. I'm not so general with vintage clothing. I'm selling all things I like. Mid century modern furniture, vintage clothing, fabulous costume jewelry, vintage kitchen stuff, vintage accessories. I have found that if I open my market up to a larger audience, I tend to do better. I'm even selling some of Dominic's old clothing. As long as it sells, I don't really care.

I went to this great sale four days in a row this week (Wednesday-today). The house just had this great old shabby chic, art deco feel to it. All the items in the sale were really great. Today was the last day and everything was 50% off, of course. Here are a few of the things I've purchased over the past few days:
Oh and here's a mid century modern chair I found at another sale the other day. I love it:
As always, these items and more can be found here.


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