Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old poetry: The heartache of meandering

I was very productive yesterday. I had been planning on cleaning out my storage closet in our sunroom for quite some time now. In that closet, I have extra stock of vintage clothes, other vintage inventory and old boxes of photo's as well as a box of notebooks from college (I went to school for Fashion Design in Chicago).

I used to write a lot. Before I decided to get my BFA in Fashion Design, I was an English major. I took poetry as well as creative writing classes in school. I went through a phase of writing a lot of poetry. I actually submitted a poem to be published and it was published. I found the book yesterday along with all of my poems that are scribbled on random pieces of paper. This almost makes me want to start writing again and publish my own book.

My poem was published in this book:

and here's my poem:

I'll post more tomorrow about other things I found yesterday.


Unknown said...

Another fashion-loving poet! Very nice!

ixela said...

Thanks a lot for the lovely words you left for my blog at my entrecard account... you are sooooooooooo kind!!!

Gypsygoods said...

I am doing a little "Pre-Holiday" cleaning out myself.
That was so interesting what you find out through blog comments (that you were delivered by Ron Paul...On my masks post). Thanks for adding that.