Thursday, October 30, 2008

Old Scrapbooks: Memories from long ago

I love old things. Old clothes, old books, mid century modern, I love it all. A few months back, I was visiting one of my weekly estate sales and I found some really old things. Rarely in Houston do I find things from the Victorian era however, this house had quite a few things. I purchased this Victorian wedding dress: I also went back on the last day and purchased these two scrapbooks:

Both books had many newspaper clippings from the Houston Chronicle however, I could not find years printed on many of the clippings. I did find a few dates ranging anywhere from 1918-1921. The copyright date on the backs of both scrapbooks are from 1878. After going through the books, I felt as if I came to know the person the books used to belong to. She was a deeply religious (Christian) woman. I also believe she was Methodist, like me. She loved poetry and various types of writings. Christmas time was a special time for her and she had many clippings pertaining to the holidays. There was also this page:This page shows many clippings of random items. It shows a man and a women, an engagement ring, an old car, a cat, a woman dressed up, a shoe, etc. Was this the ring she wanted? Was this a cat like her cat? It just makes me wonder..
I also know that she was interested in fashion, like most women. Since I went to school for Fashion Design, I totally appreciated this clipping for a McCalls sewing pattern:
There were also these other fasion clippings, totally showing fashion from the


Anonymous said...

I love Victorian!! I actually sell a lot of Victorian jewelry and for cheap... some of it you have probably seen on my blog vintage Jewelry Pics. You should check out my eBay store from time to time- I have some Victorian items that recently sold for the opening bids $4.99 ( I don't mind this really). Unfortunately a lot of Victorian jewelry has been getting melted down for the gold content and so I am just happy to see it go to happy homes. Too a lot of people like Victorian style (which is reproduction) and not real Victorian pieces which are old and have character. I LOVE REAL VIC JEWELRY!!! See you around....

Lidian said...

That is a beautiful find!

I have an award for you over at Virtual Dime Museum -

Anonymous said...

OMG what a find!!!! I love old books and journals, you must be so happy to have aquired these.