Monday, November 17, 2008

Featured artist: Ismoyo Green

Today's featured artist is Ismoyo Green, someone I absolutely adore. Ismoyo makes really cute felted friends, plush soft sculptures and other types of mixed media art. She's even created and published her very own applique craft book, which can be found here for only $15. Her blog can be found here.

Q. Tell me a little about yourself:
My name is Ismoyo Green, born and raised in Amsterdam, currently happily living in New York. I have just finished my first craft book, 100 applique motifs. It has already been released in some parts of the world, like the UK, but will be available in the US and Canada on December 9th. (plugging: you can pre-order your signed copy through my website!)

Q. When did you first start crafting?
I have been making things as long as I can remember. As a little girl I was always drawing and cutting up magazines to make collages (something I still do). My mom is a great designer and the best with the sewingmachine, so growing up I was always surrounded by her creativity. I loved playing with her box of buttons. I guess that's where my love to embellish everything comes from.

Q. Please describe your art in detail. What's your favorite type of crafting/art?
I always say I'm a true Gemini. I can not pick one favorite type of crafting and stick with that. There are so many ideas in my head, so much to create! I call myself a crafty person slash illustrator. I love making cute, vintage inspired items and design pretty patterns and illustrations. My current crafts of choice are needlefelting, sewing and crochet.

Q. How has your work evolved from your earlier work?
I think I am finding my own style more and more and that shows through in my work. I think it is a beautiful thing if you can recognize an artist in their work.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?
I can get inspired by the little things in life, like birds or a butterfly, autumn leafs, kids laughter, all things cute. NYC inspires me enourmously, this city is filled with creativity. My family and my Indonesian roots are a big influence too. Pretty color combinations often fill me with new ideas. Hard working people who love what they do with a passion. Vintage fabrics and curiosa, my favorite era is the late sixties, early seventies. Love the art from that time, paintings, but also things like record covers; gorgeous! But my biggest inspiration is Love.

Q. Where are Ismoyo products sold (online/stores)?
Currently only through my own website and my etsy shop.
I am looking into getting my items sold in other places, but that's something for next year.

Q. What advice can you give other crafters when selling their items?
Do it because you love it. Be true to yourself, be sincere and nice to people. Be prepared to work hard and multi-task. Be creative as well as business savy.

Q. Describe yourself in three words:
Creative, Passionate, Happy

Q. Is there is anything else you'd like to share with us?
I loved answering the questions, I think it's a good thing for everyone to sit down from time to time and think about what you're actually doing.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Ismoyo. She's a fabulous artist. I'm planning on purchasing her applique craft book becuase I love appliques! Thanks Ismoyo!

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Felt-o-rama said...

I must have the applique book!! Thanks for sharing Ismoyo's interview and work with us :)