Thursday, November 13, 2008

My vintage clothing site is for sale:

I love vintage just as much as the rest of you do, but with sadness I have decided to sell my beloved website (and inventory), Lone Star Vintage Clothing.

I have my BFA in Fashion Design and actually own and operate another site where I design infant and children's apparel. With 2009 coming so quickly, I really want to put more focus into my design work and hopefully get my items into boutiques across the country. I will be working with a factory overseas and hopefully free up some of my time, rather than creating everthing by hand as I do now.

With that being said, I have listed my website Lone Star Vintage Clothing, all of my inventory and tons more that's not listed on my site, all graphics/logos that I've paid for, as well as all of my time and effort that I spent building my business. I love vintage and I know I will still go to estate sales and buy things, but I can't place all of my focus on selling anymore.

If anyone knows of anyone who just might be interseted, please contact me at texasbargaindepot (!@) hotmail (dot) com.

My listing is here.

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