Friday, November 14, 2008

Handmade greeting cards: How cute!

I'm really into making cutesy little geeting cards right now. I've made some for my grandparents mostly and I've made some to sell, although I have not sold any yet.

A few days ago, I wrote about an estate sale my friend Mary Ann had (this was the sale where I purchased all of that great vintage fabric). I just so happened to bring a few of my handmade cards to the sale to show Mary Ann. She said she and Nancy always need cards to give to people and wanted to know if I would make some for them. I told her, "yes, of course I'll make you some cards". I even said I would trade her for a box of her junk jewelry instead of her paying me. I love to barter!

I made approximately 25 cards yesterday. Here are a few of them:

I called Mary Ann this morning and I am going to plan on stopping by her house on Monday. I'm very excited about my trade because I've already gone through the box of junk jewelry and it's not really junk at all. Most of the pieces are vintage and there's a lot of bakelite stuff in the box-oh and the box is not just one box-it's approx. 3 boxes. I can't wait!


MarysMadness said...

The cards are cute,,,but I wanna see the junk jewelry!

Anonymous said...

WOW- 25 cards!!! I am lucky to do a premade thank you note in a week.