Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and Joey & Aleethea

I live in Houston near the Gulf coast. The news media hyped up hurricane Gustav like crazy. I guess it was better to have everyone prepared than to have something bad happen and not have had enough time to deal with everything. Of course, I could not sleep last night because I was concerned about the storm and the possibility of devastation and destruction. I finally fell asleep and woke up pretty early this morning. The first thing I did was turn on the news, only to find out the storm had been downgraded to a category three storm. Not much of anything happened the last time I checked. I finally turned off the news because I was tired of hearing about things that did not happen, thank goodness for that!

On another note, if you are searching for an amazing children's gift, you should stop by

Not only is she our Etsy Blogger team leader, but she makes very adorable baby as well as toddler garments. She's got a six week waiting list however, I assure you her items are well worth the wait.

Look at these cute little pants:


or this cute little plush throw:


What else?? I prepared some packages for shipping today. I made some really yummy tilapia fish with sauteed mushrooms, onions, cilantro and lime. I really enjoyed dinner. I'm going to make a few crafts tonight. I'll post about some vintage tomorrow!


Made by Melissa said...

I love Joey's ankle biter pants! My little man totally needs those. And your fish sounds delicious, I hope you enjoyed it.

joeyandaleethea said...

Thank you so much for the sweet feature, and also for headlining it with a hurricane! I feel so important. :D

Melissa I'd be super happy to make a pair of Ankle Biters for your little man!