Monday, September 15, 2008

More about hurricane Ike: I'm still not home

As most of you are aware, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas gulf coast this past weekend. This storm was a category 2 storm and left mass destruction on the Texas gulf coast.

As I posted previously, I evacuated to Austin with my son and my dog Hana. Justin stopped by our house yesterday (I think) and said the only damage that occurred was that water got into our sunroom and one side of our back fence is flat on the ground-oh and a part of another side of the fence is missing. Most of city is still without power, the sewer/water is not working properly, several grocery/drug stores/gas stations are open however, the lines are incredibly long. I was going to return home today, but city officials are urging those people who evacuated to stay gone if you don't have to return home. The only reason I would have to return home is that I have four items (three eBay and one from my own vintage site) that need to be shipped, but I don't even think our post office is open and/or delivering mail. I was getting a little stressed out about these packages because my customers have already paid me for them and I typically ship the day after receiving payment, but I am sure they will understand. I've emailed all of them and explained my situation. I even printed out their shipping labels from Austin/here yesterday just in case I went home today. I just don't think it would be in my best interest to return home. How would I keep Dominic's milk cold without power?

I know my issues are only inconvenient and I'm really fortunate that nothing really happened to our home. Thank God!

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Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

Glad you and yours are ok and there wasn't much damage to your house!

I am in Ohio and Ike brought us F1 tornado strength winds for 6 hours across the whole state on Sunday, the power went out for most people - over 2 million homes total I think!

Ours finally came back on today... I didn't really complain though because I know Ike brought much worse to those of you down there - our problems don't compare!