Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurricane Ike = Have power, but no Internet!

This hurricane has really thrown me off. We just got our power turned back on this past Sunday (this was the 16th day after the storm). I return home a week ago Sunday because I thought the power was going to be turned back on the following day. Little to my surprise, we did not get power restored for practically a week after my return home. It was not as bad as you may think though. Walking around the house with a flashlight at night freaked me out a little and it sucked having to use an ice chest to keep Dominic's milk cold, but it's really not that big a deal. It did get pretty hot during the early afternoon and our house gets very little breeze. That was the worst part. We also slept on a pallet in the back den because that was the room that did get the most breeze.

Okay so yes, having no power sucks! We are still without Internet and home phone. I'm at a local tea house called Fioza


I know I should be thankful that we received no extensive damage. I'm just dying to get back to normal. I want to list things for sale. I want to blog, I want to participate with all of my online things. Ugh! Very annoying. I have so much to blog about. My trip in Austin, then to San Marcos, then back to Austin, then to Houston. I am going to save all of that for my desktop computer. I hate my laptop, although, it has been good to me thus far! More to come soon!!

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Preston said...

Hang in there. Things will get better.