Thursday, December 4, 2008

Featured artist: VinK

I came across today's featured artist a few weeks ago as I was lost in the blogosphere. VinK is a true graphic artist who designs printable designs for paper, fabric artwork embellishment, papercrafting items as well as items for collage art. Once you've finished our interview, I'm sure you'll agree her art is fabulous! Her blog is here.
Q. Tell me a little about yourself:
My name is VinK ( aka Vinca Kumala ), I am a friend, a dreamer and a living mind. in daily, I work as a freelance illustrator - full time artist and as a designer for my "design by VinK" shop. I am Indonesian and I love creativity. I always see many artist and designer around the world can survive and live by their creation and artwork, So I wanna fulfill my dream as well and dig out the creativity in me.:)

Q. When did you first start desiging?
I've been designing since I was in the college and I also worked as a graphic designer several years ago. The first time I started to made my own design and open my shop was in May 2008, so I was a newbie in this business.
Q. Please describe your art in detail.
My design in "vink" shop is colorful, a little whimsy, cute, simply, fun to see and enjoy. Children-colour always been my concept in design, bright and cheerful. I also love to create floral images / pattern. I sketch by my own hand and design it in digital.

Q. How has your work evolved from your earlier work?
I love to explore my design and style through the ideas I find. My designs have evolved from my earlier work according to the concept I use in my designs.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?
There are many aspects of inspiration. My inspiration could come from another artist, movie, music, person, book, dream, and more, but doodling is always the best part to explore a new idea for me.
Q. Where are your products sold?
At the moment I have my etsy shop and just started to open my t-shirt and merchandise shop at Zazzle and at VinK at Etsy

Q. What advice can you give other artists/crafters when selling their items?
I'm still a newbie in this business but I'll try my best to share anything I know.
Something that always be in myself when I start my own bussines are..
- Believing in yourself, in what you do and your work. If you have beliefs in yourself you won't stop trying. We never start anything to be failure, but to be success.
- Patience and perseverance.
- Never stop learning and always promoting
- Tolerance, forgiving and be friendly, because we will meet many people from different backgrounds and character.
- Be Creative :)

Q. Describe yourself in three words:
dreamer, unpredictable, cheerful
Q. Is there is anything else you'd like to share with us?
visit my design shop at : VinK at Etsy. You will find printable designs items for embellishment/die cut art project/papercrafting. At the moment I don't have freebies to share, but I'm planning to create a freebie printable coloring pages/papercraft for kids for personal use or charity program. So if you have any chance don't forget to stopping by my blog.

Also visit Million Minds , another part of illustration by VinK :)

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