Monday, December 1, 2008

Out of the Box Sampler: Out of this world!

For those of you who love handmade samplers, you must check out the Out of the Box Sampler. For those of you who don't know about the Out of the Box Sampler, I highly recommend you checking them out immediately! You can also find their blog here.

This year was my first year to learn about handmade samplers. I'm not only an artist who has donated samples to various samplers, but I'm also completely addicted to buying the samplers. I'm also a sucker for anything that smells or tastes good and the November Out of the Box Sampler had both gourmet cookies and lots of soaps and lotions that smelled really good.
Here are a few of the items that were included in the Out of the Box Sampler for November:

A great sample wax tart by Ugly Duckling Designs

Some tea samples from SBS Teas

Some chocolate covered Oreos from Twist of Taste. These are really yummy!

A bunch of really great samples from Skin Candy. They have the most amazing Cinnabun and buttercream frosting scented body butter and a rootbeer float scented shea butter lotion!

Each sampler comes with approximately 17-20 samples (at least mine did). The December Out of the Box Sampler goes on sale soon. Be sure to bookmark both the Out of the Box Sampler site and blog for additional details. December's boxes will have my vintage button rings from Mattie Reid Chicago.


Mod and Mint said...

ooh... yummy samplers! Got to check those out for sure.

LizzyT said...

Great idea, I bet it's like Christmas morning when that arrives.

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

I am jealous! I have got to get in on this. Looks fantastic!