Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday gifts: Tweet, meow and peace!

I've been trying to wrap up my handmade holiday gifts over the past few days. I'm getting close to being finished (woo hoo!).

Today, I made my two nieces lil' embroidered tops. One has an embroidred birdie and the other has a spotted cat with a pink scarf on:
I apologize for the terrible photo's. The lighting in my house is awful and that's another reason why I have yet to post any pics of the jewelry I've made. If it's nice outside tomorrow, I'll take pics and post my jewelry.

This evening, I made my dad and step mother t-shirts with peace sign appliques made from vintage fabrics (they are total hippies at heart and I think they'll love these t-shirts). Here are the pics of the appliques:

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