Monday, November 3, 2008

Whatever happened to the band, "The Stone Roses"?

I used to love The Stone Roses. They were one of my favorite bands back in the late 80s, early 90s. I have Last FM installed on my computer. Last FM is a social networking site for music lovers. I don't network on that site-I just use it to listen to music. It's really cool because you can type in any genre of music or a band name and it will play music like the band you typed in or in that specific genre.

I typed in some late 80s, early 90s band this morning and The Stone Roses came on. Here's a photo of them taken from their site:
The thing that bothers me about their site is that it does not say where they are now. It talks about bootlegs and things they used to do. I want to know where they are now. Does anyone know?

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Anonymous said...

Ian Brown (vocalist) is still releasing albums, although what little I've heard doesn't really match up to the Stone Roses stuff, in my opinion.

Wikipedia is always a good resource whenever you just gotta know whatever happened to a certain band: