Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day at the zoo and Entrecard issues....Ugh!

I took Dominic to the zoo earlier this week. I think he is old enough now to enjoy the zoo a bit more however, still too young to understand about all of the animals and to really know what they are or how he relates to them.

Here are some pics of us at the zoo:

I played around with some of the pics in Photoshop and changed the colors, etc. I like playing around with them and making them look different. I really like this pic of Dominic though. It's hard taking a pic of yourself and getting your son to look at the camera and not try to grab for it. I especially like this photo of Dominic because he looks so at ease-at least that's what I think.

And here's a really cool pic of jellyfish:

There's something about the way jellyfish just float in the water. They are so free and have no cares. I mean, they are jellyfish, but there something about them that is so beautiful.

And here's Dominic in the petting zoo.

He really likes brushes. I'm afraid he's going to grow up and cut hair, not that that would be terrible or anything. It's in his genes. Justin (his father) is a hair dresser, his grandmother is a hair dresser, Justin's nephew is a hair dresser, Justin's dad and grandmother were hair dressers.

And here's one more pic of us:

He loves to suck his thumb. It's a security thing for him. He mostly sucks his thumb when he's tired or just because, but mostly when he's tired. I think he will learn to apprciate the zoo even more in six months time.

On another note, to all of my Entrecard friends and readers...Entrecard deleted my account last night. I'm really upset over this. The reason they deleted my account is because when I originally signed up for Entrecard, I was using my old blog that was attached to my website. When I transferred all of my blog posts to blogger, I added my new blog address however, the email I received about the account deletion last night said that I they deleted my account due to abandoning my blog. Well, if they would have done a little research before deleting my account, they would have realized that I actually do post every 1-2 days. They reactivated a new account for me, but I lost all of my dropped cards and all of my favorites. I am trying to work with them to get everything back and am hoping I can do so, but I'm not going to count on it. So, if you are one of my Entrecard droppers, please drop your card again and I will visit you, I promise! Sorry. :( I'm really annoyed by this.


Lidian said...

I'm so sorry - I have tried to drop several times, can't see the widget! Will be back tomorrow though -

Reny said...

Wonderful post! Beautiful pics! I especially like the sepia pic of the two of you.

Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

Just wanted to say hi, he's grown so much since the spaghetti pic!! And is just adorable, btw. Glad thing are gettin' back to normal in H. :) Holly