Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Red curry chicken-Yum!

Last night, I was going through the cabinets and trying to figure out what I was going to cook for dinner. I've honestly not cooked very much since hurricane Ike. Pre-Ike, I used to cook dinner pretty much every night. Since Ike, I've cooked maybe once a week.

Last night I had originally planned on baking some chicken and making green beans on the side. I already had the chicken in the oven and then I started looking in the pantry for ways to jazz up my bland dinner. I found some red curry sauce by Aroy-D that I had purchased in Chinatown here in Houston some time ago:

I had already started cooking my green beans and took those off the stove. I continued to look in my refrigerator for additional items I could add to the curry. I had a yellow onion, some garlic and peas. I took some olive oil and heated up my pan. I then cut approximately 1/2 of the yellow onion and added to the olive oil. I let the onions cooked down until they were soft and slightly brown. I added the frozen peas, green beans and garlic. Once all items were cooked, I added in the Aroy-D curry sauce. My chicken breasts had been in the oven for approximately 20 minutes by this time. I removed the chicken from the oven and proceeded to cut both breasts into cubes. I added the chicken to the curry. I let simmer for another 5-10 minutes. This was the final result:

I normally like my curry with jasmine rice however, we only had angel hair pasta. I cooked the angel hair pasta:

When the pasta was finished, I mixed the curry with the pasta and it was yummy!


Medium Rare Please: said...

Next time I'm in town I'm having dinner at your house!

Mod Provisions said...

I would love for you and Cara to come over! :)

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