Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday season = craft time....

I know I posted a few days ago and said I would follow up with a craft post later this week. I've been so busy. I've signed up for several different places to contribute samples to this holiday season. One place is at The Purple Box.
I finished 75 samples for them last week and shipped them off last Friday. I've also just finished making 100 samples for Shop A Holic Events. I need to ship those off first thing on Monday. Lastly, I contacted the girl in charge of The Little Black Box and told her I wanted to participate with their box as well. I am still waiting on her second reply for address info (where I need to send my items).

I typically work in my office/work room, but since I'm making so many samples right now, I moved all my stuff to our kitchen table. I have to be able to keep an eye on Dominic and that would be quite difficult right now if I had to work in my room. I've taken some pics of the massive mess on my table as well as some of my samples:

Talk about a mess! It's amazing I can even find anything in this mess.

I've also made a ton of vintage button rings!! I think I have nearly 175 in this box and I still have a ton more to make!

As you can see, I've been really busy this week. I've also made some really cute greeting cards as well. I think I'm going to make more greeting cards tomorrow.

I also listed quite a few items on eBay today. Check out my store for some great deals:

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chocc said...
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Felt-o-rama said...

Love your vintage button rings! Sample swaps sound like so much fun. I've got to try one soon.