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The eVintage Society: Member spotlight is Lone Star Vintage Clothing

Member Spotlight Lone Star Vintage Clothing
October 9th, 2008

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This week we spoke with Heather who owns Lone Star Vintage Clothing. In the coming weeks we will turn the spot light onto each of the eVintage sellers so that you will have an opportunity to know us.

Q. Tell us about yourself, where do you sell, your store name, your background and experiece with vintage clothing.
A. My name is Heather and I own and operate Lone Star Vintage Clothing (Lone Star Vintage Clothing.), a web based vintage clothing and accessories store (I also sell vintage sewing items as well). I also have a store on Etsy.com as well as Smashing Darling.com. I have my BFA in Fashion Design, which is where I get my fashion history experience. I sold vintage lingerie on eBay during college. After graduating, I took a break from selling and focused on working in the fashion industry as a product manager for Stride Rite. I had my son, Dominic, in January 2007 and started selling vintage clothing again in April 2007. I have been selling since April 2007 on eBay, my own site and on Etsy.

Q. Why do you find vintage clothing appealing? And, what should a buyer look for when purchasing vintage clothing?
A. I find everything about vintage appealing because most vintage items are made much better than items that are made today. Most vintage items have amazing detailing that you just cannot find on garments today. The materials that were used are of better quality than those materials used today, at least in my opinion. I love vintage patterns and have a huge collection that I keep for myself, in addition to the items I have listed for sale. All or most women could sew back then, which is pretty amazing. I went to fashion school and sewing is not my strong point. When buyers are looking to purchase vintage clothing, they should look for a reputable seller-a seller who has been around for quite some time and has a good track record. They should make sure the photos give a good representation of that item. Accurate measurements need to be given. Any issues with the garment need to be listed. The seller basically needs to be honest and not throw in any surprises for their buyer. It also helps if the seller is a part of a well known group of sellers like the eVintage Society.

Q. Do you have a favorite era? Do you specialize in a certain look or era?
A. Gosh, I like them all. I would say I really love the 30s-50s the best. I specialize in 40s- 60s because those are the garments that I find at most estate sales here in Houston.

Q. Do you wear vintage clothing, and how? Every day, mixed with contemporary clothing ect….
A. Yes, I do wear vintage clothing. I wore a black 50s shirtwaist dress to church today. What I will typically do is wear contemporary items and pair those items with something vintage.

Q. Do you have a favorite designer? Tell us what attracts you to his/her work?
A. I like the vintage designer, Nelly Don, because her dresses were/are everywhere. She made garments for everyday use. I also like Halston a lot! He did a lot of great draping with his designs. In my senior year of design school, I incorporated a lot of draping into my designs. Halston was my inspiration for that collection.

Q. What are your tips for buying vintage clothing online?
A. Know your measurements and buy from a reputable seller.

Q. What is your favorite piece of vintage clothing you have owned? What made this a favorite?
A. I have two. I went to an estate sale in May of last year. The house had been vacant for nearly a year. The people having the sale found several bags of old clothing in the attic. They had placed the bags on the closet floor and when I found the garments, most everything was in amazing condition. I kept two pieces for myself. One is a navy 40s wiggle type dress by Paul Parnes. It’s made of rayon and has an acetate type fabric at the sleeve hems and upper bodice. There’s a brooch at the centerfront neck. The second dress is a late 40s/50s black cocktail dress with a satin band at the waist and satin tails. There’s a brooch at the waist as well. This dress is by Goodman Original. I can’t bring myself to sell either one of these dresses. They are so pretty!

Q. A little unrelated, but what are your interests and hobbies outside of vintage clothing?
A. Do I ever…I’m really into crafts. I have another site, Mattie Reid Chicago, which is also web based. I also sell on Etsy and another site called Smashing Darling as well. I make custom baby garments, little keepsake boxes made from vintage trims, rings and hair accessories made from vintage rhinestones and vintage trims. I’m also really into making greeting cards right now. They turn out so cute and are so much fun to make. If time permits, I really want to start designing garments again. I’m also into blogging. My blog is called, “Adventures in Vintage” and can be found at Adventures in Vintage. It’s basically about my life. Not sure if that’s so exciting, but there’s always so much going on.

Q. Do you have a special function or job for eVintage? If so, what is it?
A. Yes, I have taken over advertising. We are trying to grow eVintage Society and need to find additional advertising outlets that would be a good fit for us.

You can find Heather and her vintage goodies at Lone Star Vintage Clothing..

This weeks Member Spot Light brought to you by Special Somethings Vintage Clothing.

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