Saturday, August 30, 2008

Craft of the week: Felt flower

I'm currently contributing as a guest writer on a blog called, Athena Magazine Weblog (I wrote about this last week) I basically make up a craft every week, take step by step photo's and write about how to make the craft.

This week I made this felt flower(click the photo to be redirected to Athena Magazine Weblog):


Today was hectic as ususal. I actually feel as if I got a lot accomplished though, which is good. I've signed up to be a participating vendor for Since this event is being held in Canada, I obviously cannot be there to sell or show my items. They have it set up where vendors can basically fill out applications to submit gift bag donations, business cards, you can consign items and you can also be a vendor on site. I've submitted applications for consignment, business cards, a raffle gift and gift bag donations. The minimum gift bag donation request is 100 items. I'm making a combination of things. Tomorrow, I'll post a pic of some of the greeting cards I made this evening.

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