Friday, August 29, 2008

Hectic weekend.

Originally posted 7/28/08

So, this weekend seemed a little hectic. Saturday was typical for me. I went back to a sale that I went to on Friday and purchased quite a few more vintage garments. I was going to list a few things on Saturday, but ended up not listing and now I cannot remember why.

Yesterday, I went to church and skipped out on Sunday school because I had to go to my friend Yvette's baby shower and I wanted to make her another onesie. I posted a pic of a onesie I made for her the other day however, I ended up starting all over and making her two new ones.

Here are the pics:


I think these two onesies turned out much cuter than the original onesie I created a few days ago. Both have butterflies that look completely different. I also added flowers and stems to both and I used clear sea beads on the flowers in random places. I think she liked them. Several of the gals at the shower asked me for my card, so maybe I'll get some orders. Woo hoo!




















We were at Yvette's house for nearly 4 hours and I was so exhausted by the time the thing was over. Dominic was tired and not acting very well while we were there. When we got in the car to leave, it was so freakin' hot. My thermometer in the car said it was 107 degrees. It was really hot. Poor Dominic was probably totally hot in the backseat. I made turkey tacos when I got home and went to bed by 8.30. I never go to bed that early. I was really tired. I think the heat just drains you. It drains me. Oh and I forgot to mention...I wore this really cute vintage playsuit to the shower. It had a zipper at centerfront. I did not realize that the zipper had issues and when I got to the shower, it (the zipper) kept separating/spliting, exposing my stomach (not a pretty site). I kept holding Dominic in my lap because I did not want anyone to see. Yvette went and got me a t-shirt and I ended up wearing that over my outfit. Thank goodness!

Today, I am going to list a few things and probably work on my website.

Oh yeah..I forgot to mention, I made this really tasty pesto salmon on Saturday night. I just took a salmon filet and broiled it and then added pesto to the top. It was really yummy!

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