Friday, August 29, 2008

Yikes...what have I gotten myself into?

Originally posted 8/10/08

Okay, so now it is confirmed by me that I am completely crazy.

I went to church this morning and the message before the offering was that we need to do what we can to help the church and their ministry grow (other than by giving money). We basically need to give our time to the church as well, which I understand. It's just so difficult for me because I always have Dominic. I have come to the conclusion that if God wants me somewhere, he will make childcare available for me so that I can help out. So today, I offered my assistance with an upcoming school outreach project. I hope I can deliver what it takes and not get completely stressed out. So that's the first thing I have on my plate.

Secondly, I have tons of new vintage items to list on my site today. I've had two full hat boxes of hats that have been sitting here for months and I've finally gotten around to taking pics. Here are a few that will be added today:














These hats that I have right now are pretty incredible. Too bad I live in Texas and don't wear hats. I've actually saved a few for myself (beret style). I can get by wearing a beret or bucket style hat in the winter. I'd probably look pretty silly in any other type of hat. Many of the hats I get are so tiny too. I swear, there's something in the food and drink nowdays because we are much bigger than our ancestors. Women's hands and heads, well bodies in general, used to be much smaller than the average sized person of today. It's really odd if you stop and think about it. It's almost like something is being added to the food we eat or the milk we drink or something in the fertilizer. I ponder this quite often.

I'm also a member of the Etsy Street Team for Texas. You can read more about them here: Check the blog - - to sign up for the mailing list.

Today, I signed up for four different things they have coming up: 1. one to one gift swap, 2. Etsy team challenge, 3. Maker Faire in Austin (great way to get my name out there by sending free promo items) and 4. Group gift swap.

By signing up for these events, I am going to be super busy making stuff in the next few weeks.

So, between my vintage business, my crafty business and church, I am not going to have a free minute to spare. This is all in addition to my normal daily activity with my son and family. Argh. Where does time go and why do I think I have so much of it? That's okay, I function better when I can't stop to think.

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