Friday, August 29, 2008

End of the week.

So, today is Friday and thank goodness because this week seems like it has been a really long week. I did not get anything done yesterday. I could not edit my website because I think the web server was down or something and it rained here all day. This gave me an excuse to just hang out with Dominic and do absolutely no work. I did get to do my grocery shopping yesterday when Justin's mom arrived. At least I got that done. We were totally out of milk. We were out of everything. I did really well. I shopped at Randall's and most of the items I purchased were discounted on the Randall's card. There were a few items that weren't however, I save over $30 by buying everything that way. I want to pat myself on the back because I saved so much. :) I also made a onesie last night for my friend Yvette. She's having a baby shower this weekend and I have to go. I'm not upset about having to go. First of all, Yvette is one of my oldest friends. She's pregnant with her second child. I'm just annoyed because she and her husband bought a house and it's in Pearland. Pearland is located just outside of Houston and I really don't feel like driving out there, but I have to. Anyway, I made here one onesie and I am making another one today. Here's a pic of the one I made last night:




I took some vintage fabric that had flowers on it and cut the flower out like an applique. I also took vintage ric rac trim and placed that at the neckline. It's pretty simple, but I think it's kinda cute.

The other onesie I am going to make is going to be embroidered. I typically free hand all of my embroidered things however, I got these really cool vintage embroidery transfers a few weeks ago and now I just feel like doing embroidery on everything. I'll take a pic of that one tomorrow.

If anyone is reading this and interested in custom made onesies, I sell them. I have another website or you can contact me through this website. I can basically make anything you want or request, per your specifications.


I am going to go to one estate sale this morning however, I don't know if they have any vintage clothing there or not. There really aren't that many estate sales in Houston this week. I surely did not go to any yesterday. I also have to ship a huge lot of garments to the UK. I have to go to this store called, "The Box Store" and purchase a box large enough to fit the garments and then I have to go to the post office.


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