Friday, August 29, 2008

Forums & groups: Why are there so many?

Originally posted 8/26/08

I spent the majority of today trying to categorize all of the many forums and groups I have joined/participate with. I now belong to the Etsy Vintage Street Team (, The Etsy Bloggers Team ( and The Etsy Texas Crafters Street Team ( I've also gotten lost through thread after thread today finding new things or groups that I want to be a part of. Why can't I just be happy with the three that I'm in? Oh and I'm also a member of the eVintage Society ( Anyway, I've added little folders in my favorites drop down menu (one for forums, one for blogs and so on). I try to stay orgainzed that way.

A few days ago, I posted about how I am now contributing to a great new blog/online magazine called Athena Magazine ( As you may recall, my friend Louise of Catwalk Creative ( told Amber of Atena about me. I've offered to do a "Project of the week" if you will. The object is that I basically have to come up with a project, make the project, take pics as each step is completed and write about it. My first project was completed this past Friday. The project was a little keepsake box made with vintage trims:

 If you would like to read more on my post about this cute and easy to make box, please visit: Stay tuned for my next project or subscribe to the Athena blog.

Yesterday I had to complete projects for two different Etsy Texas Crafters challenges I signed up for. I'll write about those tomorrow and post pics of the finished products.

One last thing. I started my own form of the South Beach Diet today. I've still got about 10 pounds of post pregnancy weight I need to lose. I'm a size 10 and was a size 8 pre-pregnancy. My goal is to get down to a 6.


Today I had: 

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with salsa, two pieces of turkey bacon and some edamame

Lunch: Tuna fish with celery, red onion

Dinner: Salad with grilled chicken and low calorie vin. dressing

Snack: Justin went to eat sushi and brought me home a few pieces of seared tuna. Yum!

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