Friday, August 29, 2008

Etsy Blog Carnival

Okay, so I am a member of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team. One of the rules of this team is that you have to participate in at least one blog carnival monthly. We were given a choice of two topics to write about for this carnival and the following is what I chose to write about:

Labor Day Weekend: What you do on this holiday in honor of you, the American worker? Do you have plans, traditions?

Although Labor Day weekend is a holiday for many, I typically work. Not that I work at a normal office job or even a job in the public for that matter, but I assure you I will work.

I’ve discovered by being a stay at home mom, your job never ends. I’ve also discovered since having Dominic last year, I work much more than I ever did working for someone else. This may also have something to do with the fact that I have chosen my hobby of collecting vintage clothing into a job. This is a job by choice, but none-the-less a job. Luckily, I recently closed down my eBay store to place more focus on other things. I still have my own website and my Etsy store, but as far as running a store on that auction site, those days are gone.

I will almost certainly do a lot of craft things this weekend as well. I have recently signed up to offer giveaways for an event with I signed up to give business cards, make items to add to giveaway bags and I am also making some consignment items. I have also offered to make a custom embroidered onesie for a raffle as well. I’m also a member of the Etsy Texas Crafters Team and have signed up for a holiday group swap. This swap is not for the purpose of keeping each others goods, but for promoting your team members items by giving them to your customers. Depending on the number of people that sign up, I will have to make that many giveaway gifts to swap. The total was at 17 a few days ago and now a few more people have signed up. That’s not too bad though.

So yes, I will be spending my holiday weekend working most likely.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about your Labor Day weekend, and life in general.


storybeader said...

sounds like you are very busy, between vintage and daughter - that's opposites, right?!? lol
You've got everything covered!

Nora said...

Wow, you seem busy! But that's a good thing! Have fun! :D


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