Friday, August 29, 2008

Thought for the day.

Originally posted 7/30/08

So, I'm really happy that it's Wednesday. Not that it really matters because all of my days seem the same most of the time and I work everyday, regardless if it's the weekend or not. I'm just happy because Wednesday is the middle of the normal work week and it's one day closer to the weekend.

I'm sitting in my room that I've converted into my office/workspace. The drapes are open and I can see that it's breezy and fairly windy outside. It's also very warm and humid outside to boot. I can't believe tomorrow will be August 1st. Where does time go? I mean seriously, where does it go. On this topic, I was writing an email back and forth with my new friend in the UK. Her daughter is 5 years old. I wrote her this morning and told her that Dominic had his 18m check up today. She replied and said it seemed just a short time ago when she was taking her daughter in for her 18m check up and now she's 5. I replied and said, "I know, it just seems like days ago that he was born" or something to that effect. I know I need to do something important with my life. I mean, if I am going to sell vintage clothing,  I need to sell vintage clothing. If I am going to make crafts and crafty things, then I need to make them and sell them to bigger outlets. I don't feel as if I am living up to my full potential. I know there must be more than this. This is my thought for the day. As we say in church, "Thanks be to God". No seriously, life is short and we need to make the best of it. I need to take advantage of the gifts and talents I have and put them to good use. I don't really feel as if I am making the best of my life and the things that I have been given. Maybe I am in a rut. Argh!

On another anxiety has been so much better this week. I've been taking valerian root and I think it might actually be helping me.

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