Friday, August 29, 2008

Rainy day.

Originally posted 7/24/08

I woke up this morning to find that we are getting rain dumped on us by Hurricane Dolly that hit the southern Texas coast yesterday. That's okay. I like rain. We need rain because is is so very try in Texas this year.

I actually fell asleep last night. I've never been one to have problems sleeping. Only recently and that I am sure is being caused by stress and anxiety, which I hate.

I have a huge pile of vintage clothing that I am sending to my new friend in the UK. She needs a supplier and I have excess inventory I need to get rid of. She and I sell different styles of vintage. She likes to sell 60s-80s and I like to sell 40s-60s (earlier if I can ever find it). I just so happen to have a pretty large lot of clothing that fits into the category of things that she likes to sell. So, I am going to send those to her today. I'm very happy we have met (through the Internet) because she sounds like such a nice person and we seem to have a lot in common.

Today is going to be busy for me. It's probably good that it's raining.  I had planned on staying in for most of the day and doing work stuff and things around the house, although I do need to go to the grocery store because we are nearly out of everything. I have to have milk for Dominic because he's a growing baby.'

I ordered these blank adjustable ring bases from this supplier in China and am still waiting on them. I am planning on making cute little rings and lisiting them for sale in my Etsy store and my other website It's been nearly three weeks and they have still not surfaced. I am hoping they will get here soon because I am starting to get annoyed. The beauty of the Internet.

I am also planning on working on my website today. I want to make little jpg. clickable buttons to put on the front page so that people can just click on a picture of the item category and they will be redirected to that shopping page. I'm not very good at html, but am learning. This whole website thing has been a total learning process for me, let me tell you.

I do have some good vintage clothing to list as well. Maybe I will add that to my list of things to do today, not that I don't already have enough to do. Yikes!

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