Friday, August 29, 2008

New inventory.

Originally posted 8/18/08

It's been a few days since I closed my eBay store and now I have the joy of taking my old listings and adding them to my own website:

I've been working all day today and if I had to guess I would say I have added 30-40 additional items (I think). It's taking me a long time because I have to go back into my photo's and guess where the correct photo's are. The listings are fine because I am using my ended items listings directly from eBay however, the photo's are like searching for a needle in a haystack. It's been really long process and I still have about 325 items to transfer over from my store inventory. I still have so much that is not listed yet. Here are a few of the items that I listed today:

Vintage 50s Leopard Dance Suit $185








50s Vintage Lil' Black Dress w/ Chiffon Drape $135


I also read a few of my favorite blogs today. One is Erin a She writes one very entertaining blog if I don't say so myself. Her blog is basically about well, A Dress A Day. The basic object of her blog is for her to make a dress a day or talk about a dress a day or a pattern a day or suggest links that her readers provide to her. I'm sure it's about so much more than that, but I really enjoy reading what she writes. She's very well spoken and she lives in Chicago, where I went to college. She also told me that when her son was little, she used to feed him blueberries (frozen) and he just loved them! Dominic likes them however, he's never had frozen blueberries, only soft fresh ones.

Kim at Fast Eddies' Retro Rags also has a really entertaining blog that I like to read. Her blog is called,"A girl can't help it" and you can find it She's really into pretty much anything 50s and her writing style is witty and humorous (she's also a really nice girl). She's also got some amazing vintage clothing for sale in her store. I like this dress (click the dress and you will get to the item). You'd better snap it up before someone else does!


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