Friday, August 29, 2008

Yeah, the storm passed.

Originally posted 8/6/08

So, yesterday we had a tropical depression storm move through Houston. First of all, let me say that I hate the news media. They hype of everything way out of proportion. Yes, there was a storm in the Gulf. Yes, it could have been worse than it was, but that's a part of living near the coast. Thank goodness we just got a lot of rain. We truly need the rain. Yesterday was really weird because it was dark and gloomy all day. I woke up, went to the grocery store with Justin and Dominic, came home and went back to bed for a few hours. It was raining so I felt that I needed to sleep more. Last night, I added quite a bit of new inventory. Mostly vintage patterns and vintage trims:

















I figure it's best to post them somewhere for sale, rather them sitting here in my room.

Today, I have a lot to do so this will be short. I'll try to post more again later.

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